Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Surgeon General Knows What You Must Too!

Right this moment the worst fetal, infant, and child food product chemical poisoning-crisis in American history is taking place right under your nose....literally.

In the USA, soy phyto-poisons are now contaminating most infant milk formulas.

In the USA, soy phyto-poisons contaminate most foods, especially foods that increasingly target infants and children.

In the USA, soy-based infant formula's first ingredient is an outrageous level of poisonous high fructose corn syrup! The second ingredient is soy, a FDA confirmed "poisonous plant" especially when consumed during developmental exposures! There is no evidence that any infant whose dietary intake consists of soy formula can normally survive the multiple plant poisons found in soy.

It is true that there is no other food product that contains such an extensive list of toxic chemicals as the soybean plant. Soy phyto-estrogenic endocrine disruptor toxicity is MOST contaminating during fetal, infant, and child exposures as massive numbers of scientific evidence concludes.

There is NO question that soy is the cause of this American health crisis we are experiencing, as especially relevant to the increasing physiological and neurological disorders and diseases diagnosed in our children!

Soy is a USA plague! Soy is a human massacre that is scientifically proven as especially causing painful diseases to the once healthy child!

Surgeon General, Honorable Daniel Levinson must STOP this increasing insanity of soy contamination! Soy is the proven anthrax to fetus, infants, and children, without public disclosure!

We must all DEMAND that this ongoing soy phyto-poisonous massacre of our children, as the silent killer, MUST STOP NOW!

Buyer Beware!!!!!

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