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Soy Toxicity:

Horror Behind FDA Withholding: What the FDA Knows and Withholds From You

Suppose the FDA told you that "soybean, genistein, daidzein" are included on their "Poisonous Plant Database" will you feed your child soy-based formula, soy foods and beverages? Alarmingly, infant milk formulas are unnecessarily soy-added, as are 2 types of vaccinations, a direct injection of soy phyto-poisoning.

Suppose the FDA told you they acknowledge soy as an active "estrogenic endocrine disruptor" well-known as especially developmentally damaging, while at the same time allowing the increase in soy product marketing that targets infants and children.....will you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you that they are aware that soy phyto-estrogens as all estrogens are equally developmentally health-threatening.....will you feed your child soy phyto-estrogens?

Suppose the FDA told you that soy is manufactured to make: ink, bio-fuels, hydrolic oil, grease, solvents, adhesives, plastics….will you feed your baby soy infant formula…..or feed you infant/child soy products as increasingly marketed?

Suppose the FDA told you that they know soy phyto-poisonous estrogenic endocrine disruptors transfer to fetus during pregnancy and again while nursing, and that due to male soy consumption sperm can also carry potential fertilization contamination..........will you consume soy?

Suppose the FDA told you that the 2010 National Toxicology Program (NTP) Brief on soy formula reports, (There is) "Clear evidence of adverse effects of genistein in studies with gestational, lactational and post-weaning treatment," and that "Daidzein has estrogenic activity of its own"..... will you want to soy endocrine disruptor contaminate your fetus, infant, and child?

Suppose the NTP refers to soy as a "treatment"....will you feed soy phyto-toxic "treatment" to your child?

Suppose the FDA told you they acknowledge that soy is loaded with fluctuating levels of phytic acid, heavy metals, several toxic compounds, and that soy inhibits essential enzymes necessary for normal development......will you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you that their 1999 FDA Federal Register reports, "GRAS status of soy protein food ingredients did not include a thorough evaluation of the safety of potentially harmful components, e.g. lysinalanine, nitrites, and nitrosamins, trypsin inhibitors, phytates and isoflavones (estrogens)".....will you feed these soy-poisons to your child?

Suppose the FDA told you soy phyto-poisonous estrogenic endocrine disruptors are NOT FDA approved as safe or nutritional, and that nearly 25% of USA infants are fed unapproved soy-based formulas, commonly as 100% of their dietary intake.....will you feed soy to your child?

Suppose the FDA told you that highest level ingredients in soy infant formula: Corn syrup, soy and sugar....are each and all FDA concluded as developmental poisons....will you feed your baby soy formula?

Suppose the FDA told you about the NTP report concluding outrageous "levels of aluminum found in soy (600-1300ng/mL) infant formula compared to human milk level of 4-65 ng/mL," and the CDC confirmation of "Brain and bone disease caused by high levels of aluminum in the body has been seen in children....Aluminum from the mother can enter her unborn baby through the placenta"..... will you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you that for nearly a decade a number of scientific studies reported by the best National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) scientists such as Drs: Doerge, Sheehan, Newbold, Chang, etc., along with multiple National Institute of Health (NIH) scientists report extensive developmental soy toxicity.....will you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you they acknowledge more than 700 scientific studies proving soy is extremely developmentally (physiological, reproductive, and neurologically) toxic especially during most fragile fetal, infant and child exposure.......will you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you about the multitude of detailed scientific studies confirming the soy estrogenic endocrine disruptor toxicity causation of extensive and irreversible destruction of developmental health proven to cause: autism, seizures, mental retardation, allergies, asthma, thymus damage, hypothyroidism, immune deficiency disorders, pancreatic, liver, and kidney damage, diabetes, leukemia, multiple cancers, metastasis, gender chaos, infertility, homosexuality...... pain and suffering for a lifetime....will you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you there is massive scientific evidence detailing how soy phyto-toxins damage neurotransmitter systems and multiple neuron cells that can cause autism and irreversible behavioral problems.. ….will you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you that cancer patients, male and female are commonly told to stop eating soy products due to the soy-threat of estrogenic endocrine disruptor causation of cancer metastasis........and that soy can interfere with prescribed hormone drugs......will you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you that people who struggle with infertility and reproductive disorders are commonly instructed to stop eating soy........will you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you that Monsanto has a large stake in soy products and verbally/ physically threaten farmers to buy their trademark GM Roundup Ready soy seed.....of which it is reported that GMRR soybean seed is nearing 80% of the market........will you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you that right hand man to Commissioner Hamburg is Monsanto's prior attorney Mike Taylor....yes hired by the FDA...again...an open revolving door! Countless Monsanto highly profitable food toxins (Aspartame, Growth Hormones, Pesticides, GMRR soy seed) are never FDA labeled as poisons for consumer protection! Do you trust the FDA?

Suppose the FDA told you that pet food manufacturers who market the healthiest brands of dog and cat foods proudly label "No Soy"......will you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA continues to simply ignore a formal Petition submitted nearly 2 years ago, requesting appropriate soy-toxicity WARNING labels especially during developmental exposure, as well as WITHDRAWAL of soy-poisonous infant formulas.......will you feed soy toxicity to your healthy child?

As you know, the FDA does NOT publicly reveal any of these multiple soy phyto-poisonous facts. American parents and their families painfully and unnecessarily suffer due to the ongoing FDA withholding of established developmental soy-poisoning, resulting in the worst FDA deception in American history.

It is clear that the FDA is determined to first protect the multi-billion dollar soy industry (and Monsanto) rather than protecting the good health and well-being of fetus, infants, and children........across American soil.

Who will stand up to FDA betrayal and accountability? Can we do it? Yes we MUST!

If you care to protect children's health please visit:

Thank you for caring deeply for children's health and well-being! We must act, because the FDA clearly will NOT!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Surgeon General Knows What You Must Too!

Right this moment the worst fetal, infant, and child food product chemical poisoning-crisis in American history is taking place right under your nose....literally.

In the USA, soy phyto-poisons are now contaminating most infant milk formulas.

In the USA, soy phyto-poisons contaminate most foods, especially foods that increasingly target infants and children.

In the USA, soy-based infant formula's first ingredient is an outrageous level of poisonous high fructose corn syrup! The second ingredient is soy, a FDA confirmed "poisonous plant" especially when consumed during developmental exposures! There is no evidence that any infant whose dietary intake consists of soy formula can normally survive the multiple plant poisons found in soy.

It is true that there is no other food product that contains such an extensive list of toxic chemicals as the soybean plant. Soy phyto-estrogenic endocrine disruptor toxicity is MOST contaminating during fetal, infant, and child exposures as massive numbers of scientific evidence concludes.

There is NO question that soy is the cause of this American health crisis we are experiencing, as especially relevant to the increasing physiological and neurological disorders and diseases diagnosed in our children!

Soy is a USA plague! Soy is a human massacre that is scientifically proven as especially causing painful diseases to the once healthy child!

Surgeon General, Honorable Daniel Levinson must STOP this increasing insanity of soy contamination! Soy is the proven anthrax to fetus, infants, and children, without public disclosure!

We must all DEMAND that this ongoing soy phyto-poisonous massacre of our children, as the silent killer, MUST STOP NOW!

Buyer Beware!!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


It is against all FDA rules and regulations to intentionally expose fetus, infants, and children to the well-known toxicity caused by endocrine (hormone) disruptors. Soy plant-estrogens are repeatedly scientifically proven as active endocrine disruptors capable of causing abnormal body and brain hormone disruptions especially during developmental exposures.

"Soybean, genistein, daidzein" (soy estrogens) are included on the FDA "Poisonous Plant Database" while at the same time soy is increasingly marketed as safe and healthy, while proven as especially toxic to the most developmentally fragile fetus, infants, and children.

The National Institute of Health 2010 Brief on Soy Formula also confirms that "Infants fed soy infant formula have higher dietary intakes of genistein and other (estrogenic) isoflavones than other populations. Infants fed soy infant formula also have higher blood based levels of genistein and daidzein compared to other populations such as vegans and Asian populations consuming a traditional diet high in soy foods. Average blood levels of total genistein in the soy infant formula-fed infants were ~160 times higher than the mean levels of total genistein in omnivorous adults in the United States."

Surely, the American public deserves the right to know truthful facts about established FDA evidence of soy phyto-toxic estrogenic endocrine disruptors that are routinely placed into the mouths of infants and children, and are contaminating to fetus due to maternal soy consumption. Accumulative fetal, infant, and child soy phyto-toxic exposure carries the greatest risk of all. Also remaining unknown to the American public is that the FDA can not confirm that soy is developmentally healthy or safe while knowingly participating in the worst food scandal in history.

As previously stated the FDA confirms soy as a "poisonous plant," as well as FDA concluded as an "active estrogenic endocrine disruptor" of which are repeatedly scientifically established as highly toxic to multiple most fragile developmental body and brain hormone systems. Alarmingly, soy is increasingly marketed in countless foods and beverages that target infants and children, and are maternally contaminating to her fetus while appropriate soy-toxic WARNING labels are FDA neglected.

Parents are NOT allowed the chance to know that FDA determined soy phyto-poisonous estrogenic endocrine disruptors are proven as physiologically and neurologically damaging to a once healthy child. The truth is, there is no evidence describing which fetus, infant, or child "might" be able to survive soy phyto-toxic exposure. It can not be argued that the American public deserves the right to know about soy contamination of their children as equally known by those at the FDA.

The fact remains that American children are participating in an ongoing highly risky, undocumented, soy phyto-toxic estrogenic endocrine disruptor experiment without parental consent. It is past due that the American public are allowed the right to know the truth!

EVIDENCE OF SOY CAUSATION OF AUTISM: A multitude of scientific studies describe in-detail precisely how soy's estrogenic hormone disruptions damage the arrangement, connections, and functions of several neurotransmitter systems that are especially fragile during fetal, infant, and child brain development. Damage caused to neurotransmitter systems IS an established cause of AUTISM as well as several mental disorders. Soy phyto-estrogenic hormone disruptions are scientifically proven to cause neurotransmitter damaging effects also related to the causation of: mental retardation, cerebral palsy, seizures, stuttering, depression, ADD, ADHD, and more.

Soy is also proven to cause brain-damaging effects due to soy’s “natural” phytic acid and heavy metal contents that destroys multiple essential minerals necessary for normal physiological and neurological development and growth.

Repeat evidence that soy damages the thyroid, causing hypothyroidism is proven to encourage immune-deficiency diseases as well as again....cause brain damaging effects.

Soy formulas contain high toxic levels of fructose corn syrup, up to an outrageous 55% of contents. Dr. Robert Lustig and countless studies report “fructose corn syrup is a poison” especially to developing body and brain. A second poison added to the soy phyto-poisonous estrogenic endocrine disruptors commonly fed to infants and children. That any child can mentally (or physically) survive these poisons has not been proven. The FDA remains mute.

In addition to what is already stated, scientific study evidence also concludes multiple soy phyto-toxic adverse brain effects that cause: damage to brain structures, neuronal atrophy, depress BDNF, depress calcium binding proteins, lose protection against neurodegenerative diseases, depress cortical neurons, impair hippocampal dentate gyrus, depress estrogen receptor containing neurons located in the hypothalamus, depress hippocampal neuron axonal outgrowth, damage ER receptor messengers, damage embryonic neurons and glial cells that support and protect neurons, and inhibits RET thus causing alterations in neurons necessary for the survival of neuron systems involved in brain cell development and functions.

Scientific studies also report that soy consumption contributes to the cause of adult dementia and Alzheimer’s....again....increasing evidence of soy-toxicity to the more vulnerable developing brain cells.

Public Law 109-416 “Combating Autism Act” approved by Congress in 2006 requires FDA to responsibly disclose..... "Information and education on autism spectrum disorder.....to increase public awareness including pathology and developmental neurobiology...." This Act is FDA ignored.

Besides the above stated, additional toxicity during developmental soy exposure is caused by the soy inhibition of essential enzymes tyrosine kinase, trypsin, and topoisomerase II, of which can lead to the cause of disastrous physiological developmental adverse health effects to include: asthma, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney, liver, and pancreatic disease, diabetes, extensive reproductive damage, gender chaos, masculination of females, feminizing of males, hypothyroid disease,immune deficiency disease, leukemia, cancers, metastasis, and more.

There is also the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 to “protect the public health by ensuring safety of food……and improving the security of food from intentional contamination, and for other purposes.” This Act is again FDA ignored.

According to the "Combating Autism Act" as well as "Food Safety Modernization Act," it is the law for prompt disclosure of existing scientific evidence proving soy phyto-toxic body and brain contamination of fetus, infants, and children as public information. With each day passing, and risking additional adverse developmental health, the FDA remains mute.

The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 reports that there are "penalties for violations of food safety laws." The FDA continues to violate food safety laws without penalty, without accountability.

You are now witness to the fact that there exists a multitude of study evidence confirming extensive and horrific developmental risks caused by soy-phyto-estrogenic endocrine disruptor toxicity. YOU can save the health and well-being of a child by taking a moment to voice your outrage through an email to the address below. DEMAND past due public notification of soy phyto-toxicity that is repeatedly proven to cause severe and painful physical and (irreversible) mental damage to fetus, infants, and children to suffer from for a lifetime....or premature death!

(HHS Director) Kathleen.Sebelius@hhs.gov,
(FDA Commissioner) Margaret.Hamburg@fda.hhs.gov
(FDA Center for Food Safety) Barbara.Schneeman@fda.hhs.gov

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! People have the power....so please forward this most important soy adverse health information to family and friends.

Gail Elbek